13-inch Flex Mounts


Flex Mount is similar to a very sturdy microphone stand with flexible tube which can be positioned comfortably in a position in your cab which allows the clients to see the meter and does not require holes in the dash board.

The new product is 13" long, allowing easy attachment to console, dashboard frame or floor. Works beautifully with newer Centrodyne S700 meter because it is exceptionally light weight..

The triangular base can mount either flat on the floor or vertically to the side of the console etc.

Plastic covers which hide bolt-heads are included, and a blank to cover the unused mounting opening. Your installation will look quite professional if carefully done. You can bend the flex mount into any position required to set your meter at the correct angle for use. Wiring for the meter can be easily tye-strapped to the mount to make a neat job of installation. This flex-mount will work well with any meter we sell.

This new flex mount is two inches longer than our older units (no longer available) and allows the meter to be mounted in late model vehicles such as SUV's and Vans which have larger dimensions than sedans, yet these mounts are suitable for passenger cars as well. (The photograph of the console at the far left is the obsolete 11" flex mount, and you can see the extra two inches of length would have made the installation better, more accessi
ble.) Flex mounts make possible outfitting a meter where there is no mounting space available. You basically mount it in mid-air!

$45.95 plus shipping.

  Van installation using older 11" Flex Mount             . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Newer 13" Flex Mount      . . . . . . . . . . . . Meter mounted on older 11" model.
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