If a Pulsar programming key is not available for your calibration and programming, you can make
one from two resistors available at chain electronics stores or from our website


Connect two 1200 ohm ½ watt resistors, soldering them together in the configuration at left. The soldered junction at the top center is connected so that a leg will be available for the center pin. The two outer pins are formed by the free legs. Shape by bending the legs so they will fit into the programming socket (lower three slots) inside the seal door on your meter. As soon as key is inserted into the meter, it switches to programming mode. Press B4 to begin your programming, per prescribed method. To switch the meter back to normal mode, simply remove the program key.

You can get two 1200 Ω from our website – see “plug parts” under “meters” or press the add to cart
button below, or purchase them from stores like Radio Shack. In a pinch, you can sometimes use
1000 Ω
resistors, even 1500 Ω will work – depending upon your particular meter.

This programming key will work for both the 2020 series and the newer 2030 series of Pulsar taxi
meters. For older 2010 series, a female plug is required. Make the same circuit, and create tiny
loops at the end of the three feet by bending the resistor legs.

You are cautioned here, that changing rates and calibrations may be regulated by Weights and
Measures or a regulatory agency in your area. Cutting official seals and opening the door to reach
the programming key socket may be illegal in your location, and can result in fines, loss of driving
privilege or other actions. ALWAYS check with your authorities BEFORE breaking the seal wire,
or BEFORE making any changes to your existing meter.


In some meters, the UPPER row of holes is used for the programming. We have found them both ways.
If your key does not activate the programming mode in the lower 3 openings, try the upper row. When
you press button 4 with the key in place, you should see a display of seconds on the left side, changing
each second... 32, 33, 34, 35 etc. If that happens, you are in Programming/Calibration mode.

buttonClick here to order two 1200 Ohm 1/2 Watt resistors . Allow 3 days for shipping travel to you.