CHECKERS ONLYNew Colors, 4 sizes, Reflective too!

This is not checker tape.
The checkers are affixed to your vehicle, with the color between them
being the car color itself. If your car is green and your checkers are
black, the pattern is black and green checkers. They come in strips
which are 2-feet long... not rolls. The average car requires from 11
to 18 strips. One strip will more than do one side of a large toplight!

checkers only

Strip1 Strip 2 strip 3

strip 4 strip 5 strip 6
"Checkers Only" in 4 sizes: 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" or 2" Checkers. Each strip, 24" long, applies directly to
vehicle or light. These checkers are applied to your vehicle like vinyl lettering, without a substrate.
They are not a tape, rather checkers only which will have the color of your vehicle between the squares.
Imagine dark chocolate brown checkers on a sand colored vehicle, or reflective checkers clearly
visible at night. They come in two-foot strips (five to six will normally do one side of your vehicle);
just peel the covering off the adhesive side as you position it on your vehicle, press it into place and
remove the backing. Available in new colors too! Each strip is $2.95 to $3.30 as posted in the chart
below.  We suggest ten to twelve to sixteen strips per larger car (Crown Victoria, Town Car, Vans etc.)
but measure one side of your taxi first, add 1 strip to the foot length to compensate for trim waste,
then order below. Each strip is 2 feet long, so you'll have enough to do both sides!

................. car for strips

Call if special colors are being considered - pink? orange? We'll check with our vast, highly
skilled "specialty checker engineering department team" to see if we can make it for you!
She probably can
. ;-) Call 760-345-4347. Reflective checkers in 4 colors only: Red White
Yellow and Black. Non reflective checkers in numerous colors. Click below to order your strips.
Shipping will be added by the computer. Enter number of strips when prompted and please be
sure to enter your contact telephone number in the appropriate box. Allow production and
shipping time of at least ten days. If we can ship sooner, we will! Specialty color materials
may have to be ordered, so allow extra time. A minimum order or special price may be required.
Call for more info 760-345-4347.

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