Taxi Cab Outfitting Made Simple  -by Fred Stock

Here's How To assemble what's needed, whether you've ever done it or not!
If you have ever changed a sparkplug, you CAN do this. If you have NOT changed a spark plug, you probably still CAN do this!

Things you'll need:  the ones marked "" are those with which we can help !

Taxi License from your locality, city, county, parish or municipality. Some areas use a system called Medallion$ to limit the number of cabs.
Valid State, Province or Regional Driver's License. Ask other cab drivers if there is a need for a special license or endorsement, or ask DMV.
Insurance on the vehicle, and perhaps extra liability or other required coverage.Check with your local insurance broker, or other drivers. It should be researched locally.
Vehicle, sturdy, capable of passing regulatory inspection in your area. Make sure there is knee room in the back seat! Consider luggage space too!
Taxi Meter - a device that translates time and distance into charges. Some taxi meters print receipts, statistics and records. Some can accept credit cards and print out all the required paper work, and some can verify the credit cards right in the cab. Ask us! 760-345-4347
Toplight Sign. There are many kinds and colors, styles and features. Some toplights have emergency markers to signal distress. Some are contained in roof-top advertising signs, some have strobe lights that flash "CALL 911"  on the back when you hit a panic button. Ask us! 760-345-4347
Two Way Radio or cellular phone for communicating with your office. Some two way systems have privacy features, built-in identification of the calling car so as soon as a conversation starts, a display at the base shows "CAR 2435" is transmitting. That saves airtime and makes intercepting your calls more difficult. Ask a LOCAL Two-Way Radio dealer - he knows your area and will get you the best choices.
You may want Advertising Signs that can be a source of additional income from local businesses as you do your daily work. Get that mailbox money coming in. There are several types and schemes. Ask us. 760-345-4347
±±Some large taxi and livery companies, usually in large cities, use a DDS, Digital Dispatch System. There is a screen in the car that shows the address and notes about the calls. It may have GPS and vehicle location technology so the dispatcher can see where you are and get you the most calls in your area! These DDS or MDT's (mobile data terminals) can be pricey but there are ways to save money and have the best. ** Ask us! We'll direct you to the experts! 760-345-4347
Installation, Outfitting and Calibration are always required. Some companies accomplish their own installation/outfitting whilst others prefer to have it accomplished by others. We can help your outfitter with tips from many years experience. We offer  complete illustrated instructions with step-by-step directions, and complete information on wiring, programming and calibrating your new cab. Yes, YOU can do this and pass the "weights and measures" inspection the first time! We also have troubleshooting information for your technician. Ask us! 760-345-4347
The vehicle will need signs painted or vinyl applied, or perhaps you prefer magnetic removable signs. We have a network contact who can make them for you if they are not available locally near you. Ask us! 760-345-4347
Later on, or perhaps immediately, you'll want advertising for your services. We can assist in computer website creation, hosting and promotion. Our Website builder is tops, and reasonable! 760-345-4347
There are numerous accessory items available such as license holders, change clips, screens and  separators,  paddle boards for hailing clients at rail stations and airports, alarm protection devices, TV cameras and recorders, and more. We have a network of services available. We also know our limitations, so go ahead and ask us! Ask us.760-345-4347
We have assembled a four-page handout with good ideas for marketing your services when you start your business. Ask for one - it's free. Also see our home page ( ) with the additional free information, printable forms and tips. There is a guide for companies just bstarting up as well! Look under "FREE STUFF!" on our home page.


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