Pulsar 2020 & 2030 Taximeters


                                                                                                                                        Operation Manual

Text Box: Meter Time Extras Stats   (Red Button For 2020R Printer Function) The 2020 & 2020R meters are no longer made. Use the 2030 line.










  Where instructions call for "RED BUTTON" use button #5 on the 2030R meter. That's the first small button.

The Pulsar 2020 or 2030 taximeters are very simple to operate: When the car ignition is switched on, the meter
displays “VACANT”  light. Press “METER” to start your fare. If extras are required, (such as adding an Airport fee,) 
press “EXTRAS”.  The programmed amount is displayed for each press.  At the end of the ride,  press “TIME”
button. To add together the fare and extras, press the “EXTRAS” button. To end the trip, press “METER” button.
The meter shuts off and goes to “ready standby” mode, waiting for next fare.

Statistics can be displayed by pressing the “STATS” button while Vacant.  Stats will automatically scroll through
and display a number (see 0 below in the first line, etc.) at the right corner of the “extras” window .

Daily Gross Dollars (0)  You can press “Stats” 8 times to clear this window and reset to 0  at start of shift.

Gross Dollars (1)  Dollars in left (fare) window, cents in the right (extras) window, then (1).

Trips  (2)  This cannot be reset, should be recorded at shift start & end, in your log.

Units (3) THIS STAT and FUNCTION IS NOT USED and will not display at all on most US system programs.

Extras (4) in even dollars, shown in left window. Cannot be reset.

Miles Traveled “Hired” (5)  Records miles traveled in “HIRED” mode only. Cannot be reset.

Total Miles Traveled (6)  Records total miles traveled, hired or vacant.  Cannot be reset.

The RED function button is used only with printing meters, to print receipts, stat reports and credit card slips. Call 760-345-4347
for details. Display stats, fare or any data, then press red button to print.

Use exactly the same procedure with 2030, but use switch S5 for the same functions as the RED
switch on the 2020. S5 is the fifth switch from the left, and its button is slightly smaller than the other
four to its left. The 2030 is essentially the same as the old 2020 in a different package, for all intents
and purposes. The sixth button is not normally used. This meter fits the same socket and mount as 2020's.

Wiring: Red=A+, Black=Ground, White=Vacant Light, Brown=Hired Light, Green=Pulse In, Fused Lead=Accessory/


Rev 3/2013