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Enter the Chevy Volt, the Nissan Leaf... and more!

ChevyVolt2012 2012 Nissan Leaf. . . etc.!

Seems that electric cars are a bit of a challenge for installation of taxi meters and directly connected navigation systems.

The electric car is here, and electric Taxi Cabs are also here. We have struggled with the interface of these vehicles since
they do not appear to follow the "normal" guidelines of OBDII signalling or standard protocol on construction. OBDII disgnostics
apparently were developed to deal with emissions from gas engines. Electric cars "don' got some!" so OBDII plug-ins will not
lock on to the computer lines in the car. This is a new problem since we thought the OBDII adaptors would work on everything.
Not so!

Change!! Oh, NO! Remember, I am an old guy who fights change because it is change!! :-} Anyway, after dozens of phone calls,
lots of testing and considerable hair pulling, we have a solution to the "pulse" problems.
We have a little box which can be connected
to the pulse source in your car. It won't cause problems with the transmissions, brakes, speedometer or cruise controls, and WILL
give you proper information for your Taxi Meter. It takes four wires to connect (I'm a technician and even I can do it so it can't
be too difficult) and will reliably send your meter the distance traveled information you need for an accurate and legal taximeter.

So far, we have found no other way to connect to your vehicle distance information short of one of those magnets and coil
"erector sets" that are always out of adjustment and extremely high maintenance! Bad plan! This little unit is quick, easy, and
readily available. Click on the box below to order one for $48.00 and make your installation of your electric car a breeze.

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