"Pulse Tracker Wizard-2" (Sendiv Interface Unit ) by Pulsar

All vehicles must present today's electronic taximeters with a series of electrical pulses which accurately represent the distance traveled. Some circuits are fragile. Some
vehicles have a terribly weak pulse signal. Some vehicles have a rediculously high pulse frequency. Some have AC signals others pulsed DC. What's a muthah to do?
The pulse Tracker Wizard-2 buffers the meter circuitry from the car, to prevent loading the vehicle circuits from the meter. It also can be used to shape, clean up and divide
the pulse
circuit output for the meter. It is included with your Pulsar brand meter at no additional charge. An extra Sendiv is available from us for $48.00 + shipping.

WHY WOULD I WANT THIS THING? Some vehicles produce a pulse signal so high in frequency or low in amplitude the meter cannot read it.
This device will divide the count to a usable level, making it match the requirement for the meter input. We include this device in the box with new Pulsar meters.
Additional Sendiv units can be purchased here for $48.00 (2012 prices) for use with other brands or replacements if lost..

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Wiring notes for all Sendivs: Red to Accessory Ckt., Black to Ground., Yellow to vehicle pulse source., Green to meter's green wire (pulse to meter).

They are simple to connect: Red wire goes to Accessory Power Circuit, Black to ground, Yellow to the car's pulse source connection, Green to the meter pulse line.

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