Troubleshooting Your Meter and Wiring:   Another new product!

We have prepared a troubleshooting guide to help you determine causes of frequently experienced problems with taximeters already in service or being installed for the first time. This guide is intended as a method for evaluating meters which do not function, run slow or too fast, do not respond to normal conditions, or have quit working in the field. It is intended for the use of installers, mechanics, owners - especially if you do your own maintenance. It is the result of many years of maintaining hundreds of cabs and meters for our clients. It can cut hours of time off your repair work, and make sense of common problems quickly.

We will provide you a current copy, sent by PDF file attached to your receipt by e-mail, for $50 . (It is not any longer available via paper through the mail. This way you get it faster, and you always get the latest version.) It is not intended as an installation instruction, which can be purchased separately on this website. It is also not a programming guide for your meters (also available). It is a listing of dozens of common "conditions" reported by your drivers and operators, and possible causes and solutions. It is designed to be as close to an internship at a professional meter shop as you will get.

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