Centrodyne Silent 610 Taximeter  is out of production.                return to HOME page

 C610OutOfProd For many years this meter has been a mainstay of the industry along with Pulsar's 2030.
as of October 2013, the Centrodyne Silent 610 meter is OUT OF PRODUCTION and stocks are quickly dwindling. This meter has been
replaced with the Redesigned S700 in Centrodynes line. The S700, only slightly higher priced than the old 610, has many new features and
capabilities. We suggest you review the S700 and consider it as a replacement for your new vehicles. A good alternative is the Pulsar brand
Model 2030 meter, same price as the old 610, and it comes with the pulse divider and relay packed in the box at no extra charge.

The printing variety - the Centrodyne Silent 620 - will be available for about a year we are told (October 2013) but it can be replaced with
a Centrodyne S700 with a model 610 printer. To see our 620-page, click here.

S700 Click here to jump to the Centrodyne S700 page for more details.

P2030 Click here to jump to the competitive brand Pulsar 2030 meter - a reasonable alternative.


Replacing an existing C610 installation with S700? free instructions!!
The C610 wiring in your cab is exactly the same as for the S700 - color for color and wire for wire.
If you need to swap a 700 into the 610 or 620 equipped cab, follow these simple instructions:

1) Remove the old meter from the harness.

2) Remove the screws holding the old mount and plug to the dashboard or fixture.

3) Remove the Fuses from the existing RED lead on the old harness.

4) Tug the cable upward to expose a couple of inches of wire at the top of the dash behind the old mount plate.

5) Snip the 4 wires (one at a time) and strip about 3/4 centimeter (3/8") insulation off each wire.

6) Discard the old mount plate and connector set. Save the screws or bolts.

7) On the new harness for the S700, cut the cable about 30 cm (12") from the bracket, and strip each of the 4 wires 3/4 centimeter(3/8") as above.

8) Crimp-Splice or solder and insulate each wire to its corresponding color; red to red, black to black, white to white, green to green. If your old
610 harness is the older variety, there will be no green wire, and there will be two whites. The white wire in the three-wire cable is secretly green
and should be connected to the green wire in the new harness.

9) Fold the extra cable into a neat wrap - about three fingers is the proper coil center - just wrap the excess cable around three fingers and tie-wrap or
taqpe it into a tidy little spool. This will remain behind your new meter and allow for future modifications or changes in vehicles.

10) Restow the cable under frames or panels as it was before.

11) Use the two screws which held the old mount to the dash to attach the new plastic mount at the same location. You may need to provide a
shim or wedge to position the meter upright or angled as needed. The old mount was able to be bent for correct position, but the new one is made
for flat surfaces. Not many cars and vans have a flat surface these days, but the engineers thought they knew better than we did about mounting...
WRONG! But you can compensate for their stubbornness with a small shim made from rubber erasers, balsa wood from the hobby shop, or a
bit of plastic. We are working with several manufacturers to develop a positionable platform, but nothing is ready yet.

12) If your dash has been compressed and deformed by the old mount, you can cover the bruises with a bit of felt from an art supply shop,
or a proper dash-mat from Pep-Boys or the like. Then mount the new bracket base on top of that. NOTE: There are connectors and wires
inside the new mount. Don't randomly drill through it! Bad Plan.

Allow ten working days for production, plus shipping time.