Shop Wiring Kit       
This kit includes many of the tiny parts and hardware you'll need to make the connections for your taximeter and toplight. There are additional parts at the bottom of the page which you MIGHT need for specific vehicles. Included in the Shop Kit are;

15   red inline splices - most connections
4     blue inline splices - multi-wire connections
1     toplight control relay
3     Scotch-Lok connectors
5 ft.  #18 red wire for Battery +
5 ft.  #18 black wire for Chassis Ground
5 ft.  #18 orange, yellow or green wire for switched A+
5 ft.  #18 blue wire for pulse lead
2     #10  Phillips self tapping screws, 3/4" long.
2     #10  Phillips self tapping screws, 1" long.
2     lock washers for meter mount
6     red or blue female slip-on connectors - #16 or #18
2     red or blue male slip on connectors - #16 or #18
5     6-inch plastic tye-wraps
2     inline fuse holders
2     10-amp fuses
2     Fuse-Tap brass connectors for ATC fuses
2     Fuse-Tap brass connectors for Mini ATC fuses
3     yellow female slip on connectors #14
3     yellow male slip on connectors #14
2     red lugs for small wire
2     blue large diameter lugs
1     Large red splice for power leads if required
3     Female slip-on's (non insulated for tab slot connections)
2     non-insulated male slip-on's for slot connectors
2     rose bud clips for wire routing

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The following additional parts are needed only for specific vehicles:

CY060 Pulse Divider / Interface
This device is used to accomplish several functions: It can buffer the meter circuit from the vehicle pulse circuitry in order to keep your meter from electrically loading down the car's equipment.  It can clean up and define the wave shapes of the car's pulse equipment in some cases. It can be used to set a division factor for pulse sources which are too high for the meter's input circuit. Vehicles which frequently need these devices include the Chrysler line of vans (Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler), some of the Ford line with very high frequency pulse systems, some Nissan and Toyota Models, (and almost any vehicle from the last ten years when attempting to install an Argo or other older meters with narrow front end tolerance and frequency ranges.) These vehicles  There are other brands and models which will require these devices - please enter your make, Model and Year of car, and your Meter Make and Model below when ordering. (note: Inserting this device into your pulse circuitry will not hurt your vehicle or meter in any vehicle of which we are aware, but will clean up and stabilize the pulse signals. Even if it is not REQUIRED that it be there, using a CY060 will not hurt, and may well help.)

Make Year Model Taxi, & Meter
Click here to order your CY060 Interface unit $48.00 + Shipping.

CZ059 CAN OBDII Interface Device.
This device is required on the newest models of many manufacturers whose information flow in the vehicle has been standardized to a computer "bus' system. In many of these vehicles, the pulse systems for distance and speed have been eliminated from our use. This tiny computer unit plugs directly into the car's Diagnostic Connector ("OBDII") and creates a pulse which accurately reflects the speed and distance information used by the car's computer systems. It is then also available to you for your meter distance information.

Exact Make Model Year of Vehicle
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Transducer Device FRTD058
This device is a transducer, a device which is inserted into the mechanical speedometer cable of very old units, vehicles which were built  before electronics VSS or CAN-bus circuits were used. They convert the mechanical rotation of the speedo cable into electrical pulses which will be fed to your meter. These devices are now rarely needed, and before investing in one contact us 760-345-4347 to discuss it. Many will need to be ordered from our factory sources because of mechanical requirements which differ from car to car. ALLOW AT LEAST THREE WEEKS FOR THIS PRODUCT to be made! If you are certain that you'll need one of these transducers, click below to order and be sure to tell us which make model and year car you are restoring.

Exact Make Model Year Vehicle:
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