FFV06 MODIFIED!!! NOT AVAILABLE AS SHOWN!  This light was furnished in plain WHITE and modified in a creative way for a bail bondsman's vehicle by Tim Golt in Long Beach, California. It will be used on a PINK Scion . Your creativity and our products can produce UNIQUE displays all day long! Give it a tink!


FCK03 TOPLIGHT TruckeeRiverTaxi This customer designed a beautiful LOGO for their cars, business cards and so forth. They sent us a clear crisp image and we transferred it to a toplight with a perfect shape for the display. Just attach the good image to your e-mail and send it to Fred@TaxiCabElectronics.com. We'll get it done. Be sure to give us your telephone number too, so we can ask any appropriate questions.


These products allow you to use checker markings on your vehicle.
They are available in numerous colors, reflective checkers and combinations.
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