You must read and agree to the following release in order to purchase any of our magnetic based products.

THE WIND SPEECH  in large print!

THIS IS THE WIND SPEECH! and disclaimer: Magnetic bases are available on MOST of our toplights. Our clients, customers, and buyers, and their operators, drivers, employees, clients, customers, passengers and guests, are referred to here as "You" and "Your". Fred Stock Electronics and, and our other websites, employees and source companies, collectively "We", "Our" and "Us" herein, disclaim any and all damage or loss to Your company and its equipment due to use of magnetic based toplights, advertising carriers, antennas or other equipment. WE CAUTION You that magnetic lights can slide and slip when set on a portion of the roof which is not perfectly flat, or when placed with a sideways motion. They can slip due to wind "pressure" on them, again causing scratches. This can scratch the finish of Your vehicle. WE CAUTION You that they can be blown off the top of Your vehicle. Do the math! If You are traveling 58 MPH and Your vehicle is passed by a truck going the other way at 74 MPH You have a 132 MPH wind gust to deal with. And the rooster tail wind at the back hits You a second time! Your toplight - especially a large format light with a lot of "face" - can be destroyed in a fraction of a second when it hits the asphalt at 50 MPH. It can cause serious damage and/or injury in the same or a similar scenario. We recommend using the screwbase lights, permanently attached to Your vehicle whenever possible. (Another of our favorite alternatives is, if You insist upon Magnetic Bases, buy several copies of Your toplight so You have spares! Works for me!!) Consider a Screw-based sign! They cost less too!  We hereby disclaim any responsibility for Your use of these products. Our experience had taught us that these magnetic lights are often "pitched" onto the roof, or slid off when removing them. The air currents to which they are subjected can and do slide them around, and though we coat them with Mylar tape, the mere presence of dust in the air can cause scratching when they move about. We do not warrant these devices in any way for damage to Your vehicle. By purchasing and using these magnetic bases from Fred Stock Electronics and its websites, You release Us from any and all claims for damage, injury or death.  Your use of these items will always be at Your sole risk.  BY PURCHASING OR USING ANY OF OUR TOPLIGHTS, SIGNS OR OTHER MAGNETIC BASE PRODUCTS, YOU HEREBY AGREE TO RELEASE US FROM ANY AND ALL RESPONSIBILITY. fhs


added 9/2012: Question: where can I get a roof carrier and/or a trunk lid sign which is magnetically held in place.

Answer: Both the top carrier and the trunk lid signs are best bolted securely to the vehicle, since both have a large "face" area, and consequent wind resistance. They can be blown off the car easily at today's speeds and in windy environments. I know of no trunk lid signs offered with magnets. The roof carrier can be had with magnets but you MUST use the straps too, unless you plan to only travel at street-parade speeds on a sunny calm day! When  you outfit a car with these devices, it will never be the virgin model it was before, and your focus should be on making the installation safe, not preserving a vehicle which will always and forever be a commercial unit... even if you take all the equipment out and restore it. Our industry "beats up" cars and vans as a function of their constant use. There is no getting around it. Do yourself (and the bloke behind you in traffic) a large favor, and bolt these rigs on securely. Best advice I can offer you.